Enrique Bouron

Enrique Bouron, serves as researcher, writer, lecturer and teacher in Total Biology of Living Beings and Biological Decoding.

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Total Biology of living beings and Biological Decoding ®

This science identifies humans as a whole, with their diseases and behaviors, from a broad point of view that goes beyond simple symptomatology. The concept brings together the knowledge of several scientific disciplines and the observation of humans, animals and plants throughout the evolution of life on the planet.

  • Know the history of Total Biology and it´s origins.
  • What were its beginnings
  • The outstanding figures of the subject.

Training courses for therapists or personal evolution.

  • Previous knowledge is not required to assist.
  • The course develops through 5 modules (11 days)
  • Each module takes place during one weekend, every month and a half approximately.
  • The course takes 8 hours a day approximately.
  • Each module develops theoretical and practical applications. A manual is delivered to study until the next meeting.
  • To complete the course, it´s mandatory to attend all the modules, with no exception.

Introductory Lectures

After the lecture, there is time for questions where you can ask about your diseases and your children´s.

Calendar of Events

1 Jun

Access Your Innate MindBodyLogic™️ Wisdom: 3 Effective Tips to Release Your Blocks to Increased Wellbeing

DATES: June 1, 2019                      TRAINER: M.Kennedy                       LOCATION: Boulder, CO

Join us for a Free Lecture and Meet and Greet in Boulder, Colorado from 3:30PM to 6:30 PM at the Embassy Suites.

  • How using MindBodyLogic™️ transforms your life into even greater potentials for well-being, joy and success
  • What happens when emotions get Lost in Translation and how this distorts and blocks wellness until they’re released
  • What do we gain by tapping our innate Wisdom? Why the best time to do so can be when we feel the worst.
  • 3 Tips and tools for conscious alignment and genuine well-being
  • Understand precisely what your body is telling you about your subconscious mind and how to use these mostly misunderstood messages to your advantage for personal growth
  • Learn to tackle one of the biggest stumbling blocks to vibrant, dependable wellness with tips to release this block
  • Meet and mingle with others in your community with similar interests

Registration and Information
19 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 3

DATES: July 19-20, 2019                      TRAINER: I.BENAROUS                       LOCATION: Altadena, CA

Module 3: Assessing Alignment© with the study of healing metaphors will allow you to unlock certain conflicts within yourself and also to help others. You will acquire techniques that allow the shift of limiting beliefs in order to resolve emotional conflicts at a deep level. You will learn how to let go of unresolved grief through the Grieving Pattern and how to create a future in alignment with your core values. You will explore the specific emotional conflicts associated with Depression, Adrenal exhaustion as well as organs of the Cardiovascular system and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

Registration and Information
21 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 4

DATES:     July 21-22, 2019                             TRAINER:   I. Benarous                                     LOCATION: Altadena, CA

Module 4: Deconstructing the Past© will focus on the programming factors of illness and on unraveling the links between present and past issues. It will reveal how individual often program illness throughout their life story. You will learn how to undo limiting old imprints related to today’s struggles, symptoms, illnesses, behaviors or lack of personal alignment through the Change of Personal History Pattern. You will be able to reconnect with your younger self and to let go of limiting past memories. You will be able to also learn how to detect and align certain Meta-Programs, which are the filters a person uses to organize the information coming from the exterior world. You will uncover the origin of health disorders related to the skeletal and lymph systems and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

Note: BioReprogramming® Basics Modules 1-4 are self-contained and you need not take them sequentially.

Registration and Information

Blue Book of biological decoding

Dictionary of disease and its associated conflicts.

  • Definitions
  • Conflicts
  • Examples

Break The Code Of Your Illness

Break The Code Of Your Illness, the link between emotional distress and health disorders, will give you the opportunity to look at illness with a new awareness. Isabelle Benarous, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Trainer, offers in this book a synthesis of major breakthroughs regarding the origin of health disorders. Illness can now be understood through a new paradigm that can permit individuals to directly take control of their health through self-awareness and perceptual changes.The author’s research uncovers the undeniable logic of an unprecedented approach regarding the mind-body connection and reveals new hypotheses regarding ancestral impacts as well as in-utero distress and the type of effects they can produce in one’s life. This book represents a comprehensive introduction to new findings, which will in the years to come revolutionize the world’s vision about the origin of disease.

App Biological Decoding

Easiest Way to Access Decodings Compiled and Researched by Enrique Bouron.

Biological Decoding allows you to quickly and easily find the conflicts associated with behaviors and diseases as well as the conflicting meaning related to each organ and system of the body.

Enrique Bouron

Enrique Bouron, serves as researcher, writer, lecturer and teacher in Total Biology of Living Beings and Biological Decoding.

Mr. Bouron became interested in Total Biology of the Living, as an asset to exercise his profession as a regression therapist. He attended courses in Montreal dictated by Julie Lemieux nd CV, and quickly realized the extraordinary potential of the discipline. Later he attended seminars delivered by Dr. CS, founder of the discipline, and translated all the material available to Spanish in order to present it in LA.

He also offers courses in Spanish to people that are interested and want to know more about TB, and even improve it and take it to places where this science is still unknown or underdeveloped.

  • Author of the “Blue Book of Biological Decoding”.

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