What is BioReprogramming®?

BioReprogramming® is a ground-breaking method, which permits the resolution of emotional conflicts linked to health disorders and to eliminate subconscious programs related to life challenges.

BioReprogramming® developed by Isabelle Benarous is a method that permits to unlock and resolve the emotional distress related to illness or unwanted behavior. BioRepreprogramming supports and optimizes the healing process of the individual through the resolution of emotional stresses. Through the analyses and the decrypting of subconscious programs, it will also permit the prevention of health disorders.

What is Biological Decoding?

What is Total Biology of the Living Beings and Biological Decoding?

Total Biology identifies humans with their illnesses and behaviors, up to a whole, beyond simple symptomatology. The concept unites the knowledge of several scientific disciplines with the observation of humans, animals and plants, through life evolution on the planet. The understanding of disease in terms of a perfect solution unleashed by the automatic brain, for the sake of the survival of the species, the clan (family) and the individual, gives us the possibility of healing by implementing the perfect biological laws, unknown until recently.

Total Biology is a collection of extraordinary discoveries that, together, provide a new evolutionary dimension for humanity.

What is Dental Decodification?

Teeth are unique structures in our body that have the particularity of being covered by dental enamel that is a crystal, that if we analyze it microscopically, there are millions of microcrystals that have electromagnetic polarity and as such, have the physical capacity to store information of binary form instantly changing this polarity in resonance with emotional shocks, which affect certain areas of the cerebral cortex also affect certain dental areas.

Dental Decoding is a powerful tool of self-knowledge through the teeth, which brings us a way to know the suffering experienced by our ancestors, and which is encoded in the position and shape of the teeth and their roots.


MindBodyLogic was created as a resource for learning the lasted in personal growth, longevity and well-being. Dr Todd and Mary Grevelle Kennedy desired to support opportunities to share and use these tools for human evolution. It is our goal to bring forth new and dynamic courses that evolve as our knowing evolves; to understand not only the “why” we do what we do but also
the “how” of changing what doesn’t resonate to live a life with joy and value.

These courses support the use of a coherent mind-body-logic that is the basis Biological Decoding and other complementary modalities with the ultimate goal of evolving beyond the survival metaphor. Course offerings include Biological Decoding, BioReprogramming®, and Dental Decoding and more coming with an emphasis on emotions and choices… This knowledge is designed for personal use and also provides excellent tools for wellness professionals wanting to expand their expertise and helping skills.


Mary Grevelle Kennedy, PhD MindBodyLogic

After years of practice and study, Mary is sharing the knowledge and tips she’s learned for living a joyful and healthy life. Rapidly learn tips and skills that have taken her years to find and implement; as well as understanding what things many think work but often don’t (and why). She has a gift for explaining information in a way that makes it fun and easy to use. Her studies have been broad and range from gemstones, joy, mindfulness, and Reiki to more traditional yet advanced systems of psychology and biology. She has an uncanny knack for sensing and revealing patterns whether is is in a private or group coaching situation or when sharing information in a course.

Her most recent interests have included exploring the interaction between mind, brain and body, psyche. Also, the movement and outplay of conscious and unconscious in life and more importantly how this information can be used to uncover new levels of freedom and well-being. She currently hosts courses with world renowned experts with Dr Todd Ovokaitys in San Diego, California teaching the highly effective systems of: BioReprogramming, Biological Decoding, and Dental Decoding. She loves to share information and is thrilled to have been granted permission by Enrique Bouron to teach Biological Decoding levels 1 and 2. She keeps busy with her many roles assisting with Gematria Products, and Pineal Tones while building her own body of work to share the mysteries of mind-body logic and using master keys and sharing blueprints to unlock well- being and conscious human evolution with those who seek solutions. Look for an expansion of her courses online and in person in the upcoming days.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (or Dr. Todd, as he is called) has had a passion for science from the time he was 5. He was first in his class in high school, receiving the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and the Bucky Pioneer Award. At Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, he was first in his class of 1800 with a 4.0 grade point average. From Northwestern, he was accepted into a combined, accelerated undergraduate/medical school program at the highly esteemed Johns Hopkins University. Following this training he completed an Internship, Residency, and Chief Medical Residency in the Georgetown University Hospital System. This was followed by a two year Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine, also at Georgetown University Hospital.

At Georgetown, Dr. Todd participated in formal studies of T cell immune function after harvestig lymphocytes from the lung via fiber optic bronchoscopy. In addition, this training involved intensive care of many persons afflicted with HIV infection, as the lung is a common target following the immunologic breakdown of this condition. Aware of the
extreme limitations of treating HIV through ordinary conventional means, Dr. Todd began a search for less intrusive solutions. The concept of using the subtle differences of genetic organization between the viral and human genomes was the launch point for exploring new avenues of molecular resonance technologies. In concept, the slight differences of
resonance signatures between the viral and human genomes could be used to selectively target and eliminate infected parts of cells leaving uninfected normal cells unharmed. After studying the background work on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living systems, Dr. Todd commissioned a colleague with the expertise to design and build a
fundamentally new laser electromagnetic resonance technology. This new laser optical technology has been patented worldwide.

For the last several years, Dr Todd has been lecturing and researching world wide in the areas of longevity, stem cells, photons, and the effects of sound on the human system. He has also been teaching tones and tone patterns to groups of people around the world with Pineal Tones choirs beginning 2012.In 2014, he began studying Biological Decoding and has supported this modality in his own practice as well as hosting various instructors to transmit this valuable system to as many as possible in the upcoming years. Dr Todd is a dynamic, engaging and compassionate speaker who loves to share his latest and greatest information so that it can be practiced and used by those who are inspired.

Total Biology of living beings and Biological Decoding ®

This science identifies humans as a whole, with their diseases and behaviors, from a broad point of view that goes beyond simple symptomatology. The concept brings together the knowledge of several scientific disciplines and the observation of humans, animals and plants throughout the evolution of life on the planet.

  • Know the history of Total Biology and it´s origins.
  • What were its beginnings
  • The outstanding figures of the subject.

Training courses for therapists or personal evolution.

  • These courses are open to everyone
  • The course develops through modules
  • Instructed led live training
  • Each module develops theoretical and practical applications
  • Online Courses (coming soon)
  • Personal Growth Membership (coming soon)

Introductory Lectures

After the lecture, there is time for questions where you can ask about your diseases and your children´s.

Calendar of Events

21 Sep

Dental Decoding Module 1

DATES: September 21-22nd                          TRAINER: Dr. Fabian Brotos                LOCATION: Courtyard by Marriott – Carlsbad, CA

Dental Decoding Module 1: Teeth are unique structures in our body that have the particularity of being covered by dental enamel that is a crystal, that if we analyze it microscopically, there are millions of micro crystals that have electromagnetic polarity and as such, have the physical capacity to store information of binary form instantly changing this polarity in resonance with emotional shocks, which affect certain areas of the cerebral cortex also affect certain dental areas.

  • Basis of dental decoding
  • Emotional process of cavity formation in a person’s life
  • Symbology and mythology applied to decoding
  • Relation between dynamics of life and dental symbology
  • Emotional representation of groups of teeth
  • Discussion of representation of each tooth and how it is used for understanding

NOTE: The link below allows you to register for Module 1 Dental Decoding separately from the “Feel the Teeth Retreat.”  There is also an option to register for Module 1 with Fabian when you register for the retreat. You may always register later for Module 1 even if you chose not to register for 1 when you registered for the retreat – you may use this page to do so.

Registration and Information
22 Sep

Dental Decoding: Feel the Teeth Retreat

DATES: Sep 22-27                                  TRAINER: Dr. Brotos                           LOCATION: Oceanside, CA

Dental Decoding Retreat:  Feel the Teeth

In this special setting, we can see, how the way the energies circulate in our mouths reveals the unconscious way we manage ourselves in society, and in all the types of relationships that form our reality. And what is most profitable is the discovery of what our personal blocks are and how we see them reflected in the world.

Through meditation and the expansion of our sensitivity we can work on the different challenges that are placed on our teeth, and we can find a loving way to understand our personal history. In this way, we can be free of the unconscious automatisms and compulsions by bringing the light of consciousness and detachment to our life.

For this we must get away from the routine and the usual interference that our daily life has in order to understand the signs of our biology. That is why living together for 5 days with a group, holding the same objective and without distractions makes the energy and personal intention amplified and thus we can be very receptive to understand the relational dynamics hidden in the teeth.

Meals are included as part of your retreat stay.  It is recommended to have taken at least one module of Dental Decoding but it is not required to join us in feeling the teeth. We have scheduled Module 1 Dental Decoding on Sept 21 and 22nd in Carlsbad for those that would like to refresh or become familiar with the language and symbolism of the teeth before the retreat. NOTE: The Feel the Teeth Retreat will not be postponed or cancelled due to low enrollment.

Registration and Information
5 Oct

Biological Decoding Modules 1-2

DATES: OCTOBER 5-9                       TRAINER: M. Kennedy                           LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

BIOLOGICAL DECODING® – MODULE 1 will cover these basics and much more:

  • What is Biological Decoding? Learning about the big synthesis – a perceptual paradigm shift
  • The understanding of specific Biological Laws and how they can be understood to create health
  • The Influence of Experience, Emotion and Perception on your Freedom and Physical Well-being
  • The true role and purpose of your brain, disease and illnesses
  • To uncover the precise logic of disease and its relationship to the brain
  • To have a new map for evolving as a human

BIOLOGICAL DECODING® – MODULE 2 will cover these basics and much more:

  • Understanding the linkages between Project, Purpose and Creation of a thing (or a human)
  • Why Project and Purpose are essential for understanding evolution of consciousness
  • The Nervous System and what creates diseases like MS
  • Understand Cancer, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Obesity and more from a decoding perspective
  • The effects of birth order and communication patterns on the subconscious programs
  • We will review the role and symbolic meaning of the digestive system

Registration and Information

Blue Book of biological decoding

Dictionary of disease and its associated conflicts.

  • Definitions
  • Conflicts
  • Examples

Break The Code Of Your Illness

Break The Code Of Your Illness, the link between emotional distress and health disorders, will give you the opportunity to look at illness with a new awareness. Isabelle Benarous, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Trainer, offers in this book a synthesis of major breakthroughs regarding the origin of health disorders. Illness can now be understood through a new paradigm that can permit individuals to directly take control of their health through self-awareness and perceptual changes.The author’s research uncovers the undeniable logic of an unprecedented approach regarding the mind-body connection and reveals new hypotheses regarding ancestral impacts as well as in-utero distress and the type of effects they can produce in one’s life. This book represents a comprehensive introduction to new findings, which will in the years to come revolutionize the world’s vision about the origin of disease.

App Biological Decoding

Easiest Way to Access Decodings Compiled and Researched by Enrique Bouron.

Biological Decoding allows you to quickly and easily find the conflicts associated with behaviors and diseases as well as the conflicting meaning related to each organ and system of the body.

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