This first module of Dental Decoding shares general concepts, including:

  • The basics and basis of Dental Decoding
  • Cavities and the emotions that create them
  • Ancient symbology and mythology to unlock decoding mysteries
  • Uncover your relationships with dynamics and the related dental symbology
  • Understand the conflicts by the quadrant location
  • Expose the nature of teeth groupings based on their emotional representation
  • Learn what each tooth means in your life


Fabian has been successfully teaching using Zoom with his global students for years.  The online course emulates the in-person course with break out sessions, exercises, and question and answer periods during the course.

This course has a limited enrollment, and a waiting list will be made available to those after the limit has been reached.

The course begins at 9 am Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles) on Saturday and Sunday. We will concludes at 5 PM each day. There will also be 3 breaks, morning, lunch, and afternoon – just like the in-person courses.

Students can access and download their course materials online for 18 months and are welcome to join our private Facebook group for continued learning and sharing.

This training IS NOT exclusively for Dentists. It is designed to be accessible to everyone. Dental decoding is a tool of self-knowledge and an unmasking of unconscious psycho-emotional conflicts.

Dental Decoding modules 1-3 can be taken in any order.