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Online learning is new to MindBodyLogic in 2020! We’re excited to offer you training when and where you want to take it, with world-reknowned instructors leading your courses.

If there’s something you’re interested in learning online, let us know. We’ve got plans to release more training and we’d love to hear what you want to learn!

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Master Key Method Module 1 Online

Module 1 online walks you through the foundational information regarding the origins of the Master Key Method (MKM) and Biological Decoding — including a simple model to understand health and well-being from a biological perspective, explorations of how emotions keep us alive, and how they affect your health in conjunction with the workings of your nervous system.

Dental Decoding Module 1 Online

Module 1 online shares the general concepts of Dental Decoding, including: the basis for Dental Decoding emotional process of cavity formation, symbology and mythology applied to decoding, the relation between dynamics and dental symbology, sectorization of conflicts by quadrants in the mouth, the dental groups according to their emotional representation, and discussion of representativeness of each tooth.


Master Key Method Module 2 Online