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8 Feb

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 1 & 2

DATES: February 8-11, 2019                            TRAINER:   I Benarous                                               LOCATION: TBA Carlsbad Area, CA

BioReprogramming® is a new approach that can create the conditions for deep transformation to occur in your life. Your health, relationships, life direction and emotional well-being can be remarkably improved as you uncover the meanings behind your life challenges. Having worked with hundreds of people who have moved beyond and, in many cases, were able to overcome health disorders, Isabelle Benarous reveals the steps to expand your consciousness and change your life.

MODULE 1 – Sense and Solution to Illness© will explain the logic of the brain in terms of the survival mechanisms behind illnesses and unwanted behaviors. You will understand the origin of health disorders and their archaic sense. You will learn how to use powerful language to successfully have access to the emotional meaning of one’s biological systems. You will also learn to resolve emotional conflicts through the Bio-Matrix Technique©. You will explore the specific emotional conflicts related to the Digestive system and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

MODULE 2 – In Recovering Freedom© you will understand how health disorders, as well as limiting behaviors, are the result of an adaptive mechanism, which is triggered in synchronicity with our emotional traumas and stresses. Through understanding how your body really operates from a biological point of view, you will learn how to uncover deeply rooted programs. This module will uncover the origins of illness in terms of gestational subconscious programming. You will learn how to access a state of freedom in your life and how to create your path using the Re-Encoding Time Line Pattern©.


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8 Mar

BioReprogramming® Practitioner (BRP) Module 3

DATES: March 8-9, 2019                            TRAINER: Isabelle Benarous                            LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA (TBA)

BioReprogramming® Practitioner Level 3 (BRP 3) – Cellular Language© This module will reveal the origin of allergies and the emotional conflicts associated with them. You will explore the source of allergies related to milk, pollen, gluten, cat hair, and perfumes among many others. You will learn the Allergy and Phobia Technique that allows the elimination of unwanted biological and behavioral reactions. You will explore the Law of Autosuggestion and the power of the mind, which can either create or reverse biological issues. You will acquire tools for ultimate communication with your clients and others.

10 Mar

BioReprogramming® Practitioner (BRP) Module 4

DATES: March 10-11, 2019                            TRAINER: Isabelle Benarous                            LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA (TBA)

BioReprogramming® Practitioner Level 4 (BRP 4) – Re-encoding the past© During this module, you will discover Virginia Satir’s personality categories as well as the model of Milton Erickson (Ericksonian hypnosis). You will study the Re-imprinting process, a tool designed to heal past traumas and to change limiting decisions. You will learn how to access the earliest experience associated with a symptom or limiting belief and bring resources to your younger self. This master technique includes several tools studied throughout the program. You will be able to reflect on your personal journey through the Bioreprogramming® Process and evaluate the road you’ve traveled and the transformations you’ve experienced.

11 May


DATES: May 11-12, 2019                           TRAINER: Isabelle Benarous                            LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

Achieve life lasting body transformation through WEIGHT-PROFILING®, a method designed to help you reach a healthy weight for life. Experience the ultimate quality of life in the vehicle that’s going to help you create it! The Weight-Profiling method is based on 4 profiles an individual must align and master in order to get results and become permanently fit. This workshop is open to all who wish to learn about how to achieve healthy weight for life. Being healthy and fit requires a change of mindset and lifestyle, not an effort!

16 May

“Longevity Re-imagined” with Isabelle Benarous and Dr Todd

DATES: May 16-18, 2019                      TRAINER: I.BENAROUS AND T.OVOKAITYS                       LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA (TBA)

Details coming soon for this first time 3-day event.

19 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 3

DATES: July 19-20, 2019                      TRAINER: I.BENAROUS                       LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA (TBA)

Module 3: Assessing Alignment© with the study of healing metaphors will allow you to unlock certain conflicts within yourself and also to help others. You will acquire techniques that allow the shift of limiting beliefs in order to resolve emotional conflicts at a deep level. You will learn how to let go of unresolved grief through the Grieving Pattern and how to create a future in alignment with your core values. You will explore the specific emotional conflicts associated with Depression, Adrenal exhaustion as well as organs of the Cardiovascular system and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

21 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 4

DATES:     July 21-22, 2019                             TRAINER:   I. Benarous                                           LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

Module 4: Deconstructing the Past© will focus on the programming factors of illness and on unraveling the links between present and past issues. It will reveal how individual often program illness throughout their life story. You will learn how to undo limiting old imprints related to today’s struggles, symptoms, illnesses, behaviors or lack of personal alignment through the Change of Personal History Pattern. You will be able to reconnect with your younger self and to let go of limiting past memories. You will be able to also learn how to detect and align certain Meta-Programs, which are the filters a person uses to organize the information coming from the exterior world. You will uncover the origin of health disorders related to the skeletal and lymph systems and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

Note: BioReprogramming® Basics Modules 1-4 are self-contained and you need not take them sequentially.

12 Oct

The Art of Love

DATES:     October 12-13, 2019                            TRAINER:   I. Benarous                                           LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA (TBA)

More info coming soon…..