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19 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 3

DATES: July 19-20, 2019                      TRAINER: I.BENAROUS                       LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

Module 3: Assessing Alignment© with the study of healing metaphors will allow you to unlock certain conflicts within yourself and also to help others. You will acquire techniques that allow the shift of limiting beliefs in order to resolve emotional conflicts at a deep level. You will learn how to let go of unresolved grief through the Grieving Pattern and how to create a future in alignment with your core values. You will explore the specific emotional conflicts associated with Depression, Adrenal exhaustion as well as organs of the Cardiovascular system and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

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21 Jul

BioReprogramming® Basics Module 4

DATES:     July 21-22, 2019                             TRAINER:   I. Benarous                                           LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

Module 4: Deconstructing the Past© will focus on the programming factors of illness and on unraveling the links between present and past issues. It will reveal how individual often program illness throughout their life story. You will learn how to undo limiting old imprints related to today’s struggles, symptoms, illnesses, behaviors or lack of personal alignment through the Change of Personal History Pattern. You will be able to reconnect with your younger self and to let go of limiting past memories. You will be able to also learn how to detect and align certain Meta-Programs, which are the filters a person uses to organize the information coming from the exterior world. You will uncover the origin of health disorders related to the skeletal and lymph systems and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

Note: BioReprogramming® Basics Modules 1-4 are self-contained and you need not take them sequentially.

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22 Sep

Dental Decoding: Feel the Teeth Retreat

DATES: Sep 22-27                                  TRAINER: Dr. Brotos                           LOCATION: Oceanside, CA

Dental Decoding Retreat:  Feel the Teeth

As an experiential retreat you are asked to stay on site at the center. Meals are provided.  More details and registration to come.

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5 Oct

Biological Decoding Modules 1-2

DATES: OCTOBER 5-9                       TRAINER: M. Kennedy                           LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

BIOLOGICAL DECODING® – MODULE 1 will cover these basics and much more:

  • What is Biological Decoding? Learning about the big synthesis – a perceptual paradigm shift
  • The understanding of specific Biological Laws and how they can be understood to create health
  • The Influence of Experience, Emotion and Perception on your Freedom and Physical Well-being
  • The true role and purpose of your brain, disease and illnesses
  • To uncover the precise logic of disease and its relationship to the brain
  • To have a new map for evolving as a human

BIOLOGICAL DECODING® – MODULE 2 will cover these basics and much more:

  • Understanding the linkages between Project, Purpose and Creation of a thing (or a human)
  • Why Project and Purpose are essential for understanding evolution of consciousness
  • The Nervous System and what creates diseases like MS
  • Understand Cancer, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Obesity and more from a decoding perspective
  • The effects of birth order and communication patterns on the subconscious programs
  • We will review the role and symbolic meaning of the digestive system

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12 Oct

Biological Decoding Modules 3-5

DATES: OCT 12-21                     TRAINER: E. Bouron                         LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

Note: Prerequisites are for Biological Decoding are Modules 1 and 2 with Enrique Bouron or M. Kennedy. Modules must be completed in order.  New Location at a Carlsbad Marriott! Oct. 14, 18 are days off from these 3 courses. These 3 modules will follow 2019 October Modules 1 and 2 that will start on October 5.

Module 3 – October 12-13

Module 4 – October 15-17

Module 5 – October 19-21 (3 days)

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2 Nov

The Art of Love

DATES:     November 2-3, 2019                            TRAINER:   I. Benarous                            LOCATION: Marriott Carlsbad, CA

Learn the dynamic between men and women and how to create the ultimate relationship with your partner. How do we know we understand each other clearly? How do we know our message comes across? Very often daily stress is raised by conflicts triggered by poor communication skills and misunderstandings with our spouse or partner. The objective of this seminar is to equip you with a set of tools that will permit you to express your point of view in any circumstances while maintaining harmony and a good rapport with your partner. You will learn the archaic programs underlying male and female behaviors as well as the hormonal factors that influence our interactions with the opposite sex. You will develop a stronger sense of identity with your partner while maintaining mutual respect. Your level of self-confidence will increase. If you are not yet in a relationship, you will learn how to let go of the subconscious programs, which are preventing you from attracting the ideal partner. Creating a fulfilling relationship with someone is an art and the Relationship Workshop will provide you with the skills you need in order to form a long-lasting successful relationship!


22 Feb


DATES: February 22-23, 2020                     TRAINER: Isabelle Benarous                LOCATION: TBA – Carlsbad, CA

Achieve life lasting body transformation through WEIGHT-PROFILING®, a method designed to help you reach a healthy weight for life. Experience the ultimate quality of life in the vehicle that’s going to help you create it! The Weight-Profiling method is based on 4 profiles an individual must align and master in order to get results and become permanently fit. This workshop is open to all who wish to learn about how to achieve healthy weight for life. Being healthy and fit requires a change of mindset and lifestyle, not an effort!

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