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Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Mary Grevelle Kennedy created MindBodyLogic to support opportunities to share and use tools for human evolution. It is our goal to bring forth new and dynamic content that evolves as our knowledge evolves; to understand not only the “why” we do what we do but also the “how” of changing what doesn’t resonate so that we can all live a life with joy and value.

We offer access to courses and programs that support the use of a coherent mind-body-logic. This mind-body-logic is the basis for Biological Decoding and other complementary modalities. The ultimate goal is evolving beyond the survival metaphor.

We're glad you're here, and we're happy to help you in your evolutionary journey.


Created by our expert panel with the intention to share this magnificent work to the world.  

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November 17-18

California, USA


Isabelle walks through the foundational information regarding the origins of Biological Decoding – including a logical and easy model to understand health and well-being from a biological perspective, explorations of how emotions keep us alive, how emotions keep us alive, and how they affect your health in conjunction with the working of your nervous system.


November 19-20

California, USA


Isabelle will dive deeper into Biological Decoding. This Method allows you to quickly and easily find conflicts associated with behaviors and diseases and understand how they are related to each organ and system of the body.

You will learn the conflict related to identity and psycho-genealogy & ancestral memories affect health.  Study the root cause of diabetes and hypoglycemia, the origin of obesity, thinness, bulimia, the digestive system, and much more! 


Module 3: February 17-18

Module 3: February 17-18

Module 4: February 20-21

Module 5: February 23-24-25

NEW! Module 6: February 26-27  Practicum & Investigation

California, USA


Enrique Bouron will expand your toolbox and teach you to quickly and easily find the conflicts associated with behaviors and diseases. Understand how this collection of extraordinary discoveries provides a new evolutionary dimension for you and humanity.

MODULES 1-9 Course Bundle


Explore the fascinating world of Biological Decoding with the world’s leading specialists, Enrique Bouron and Isabelle Benarous. Through a series of six modules, you will learn the precise origin of health issues, the purpose of our evolution on the planet, and how our life path is influenced by subconscious programs belonging to your parents and ancestors.

The concept of Biological Decoding unites the knowledge of several scientific disciplines such as human evolution and the understanding of the language of the subconscious mind. Unknown until recently, these concepts revolutionize the way to approach health and can greatly improve our wellbeing and life journey.

Past students that wish to take a refresher on any or all of these modules are eligible for a 50% discount. To register at the reduced rate, please email