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NEW! Our online training programs have launched. Our MKM Online series has begun,
and more courses will be added in the future. Now, it’s possible to learn the
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Join us live, around the globe, for workshops, training, introductory lectures, and other events
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Welcome to Mind Body Logic!

A Resource for Learning the Latest in Personal Growth, Longevity, and Wellbeing

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Mary Grevelle Kennedy created MindBodyLogic to support opportunities to share and use tools for human evolution. It is our goal to bring forth new and dynamic content that evolves as our knowledge evolves; to understand not only the “why” we do what we do but also the “how” of changing what doesn’t resonate so that we can all live a life with joy and value.

We offer access to courses and programs that support the use of a coherent mind-body-logic. This mind-body-logic is the basis for Biological Decoding and other complementary modalities. The ultimate goal is evolving beyond the survival metaphor.

We’re glad you’re here, and we’re happy to help you in your evolutionary journey.

Join us at one of our upcoming events and meet like-minded individuals and professional practitioners. Our events are world-wide and sell out quickly, so do not hesitate to register. Please note that some registration links will bring you to one of our partner websites to complete your transaction.

BioReprogramming® Basics
Module 1 & 2

March 13-16, 2020
Southern California, TBA

BioReprogramming® is a new approach to create the conditions for deep transformation in your life. Your health, relationships, life direction, and emotional well-being can be remarkably improved as you uncover the meanings behind your life challenges. Isabelle Benarous, having worked with hundreds of people who have moved beyond and, in many cases, overcome health disorders, reveals the steps to expand your consciousness and change your life.

Biological Decoding Experience 1

September 16-17, 2020
San Diego County, California

Learn about the big synthesis – a perceptual paradigm shift in creating new levels of health and well-being. The Master Key Method (MKM) Module 1 is an online course and this Biological Decoding Experience is the follow on materials that provide in-person experience to complete the module with additional information and practical applications.
Special introductory bonus for the New Year:
MKM Module 1 online is included in the tuition for Biological Decoding Experience 1– a savings of 50%.

Biological Decoding
Modules 3-5

September 19-27, 2020
San Diego County, California – TBA

Join Enrique Bouron for Biological Decoding Modules 3, 4, and 5 in San Diego, California. Learn to use this amazing system that works with your own biology and mind (or your client’s). This human blueprint draws from many disciplines that offer research and understanding and reveals how the human system really works. It is not what you might believe.

This is the only offering of this course in the USA in 2020.

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