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Module 1 – 6

Commit to fully understanding the power of Biological Decoding Master Key Method! Take all the training opportunities available over the next few months and walk into next year not only fully charged, and with clarity and purpose but with the knowledge and understanding that guides you with ease and grace to a healthy well balanced life.

Sign up for Modules 1-6 presented LIVE and online with Dr Mary Kennedy, Dr Todd Ovokaitys and Enrique Bouron.

Regularly $3165

Introductory Rate $2887

This offer includes

  • Registration at one of the sessions in July or Aug of Module 1&2 LIVE with Dr Mary Kennedy, Dr Todd Ovokaitys.
  • All the corresponding self-paced online elements to Module 1&2.
  • Registration for the LIVE presentation of Modules 3-6 Sept 28- Oct, 2022 with Enrique Bouron.

* Lodging and meals are not included but discounted lodging is available at group rates.

Your Instructor: Mary Grevelle Kennedy, PhD, MindBodyLogic