Dental Decoding Module 1 Online Training

Discover and Release Blockages From Your Origins

Teeth are unique structures in our body. The enamel of your teeth are actually crystal! If we analyze them microscopically, there are millions of microcrystals with electromagnetic polarity like an electromagnet in a hard drive. And like your computer, your teeth have the ability to store information in binary form. The teeth crystals do this instantly by changing this polarity in resonance with emotional shocks.

These emotional shocks directly affect specific areas of the cerebral cortex in your brain and also physical areas of tissue in the mouth and your teeth — causing cavities and gum disease.

Dental Decoding is a powerful tool of self-knowledge through the teeth, which brings us a way to know the suffering that is encoded in the position and shape of the teeth and their roots.

Each type of bite and mouth shape is transmitting the information that the genealogical tree has developed to move you away from emotional suffering, which for the unconscious is equivalent to the danger of death.

Your unconscious self always seeks survival in the next moment. If we use the same logic for dental decoding as that of the rest of the body, we can also look for active conflicts and those in reparation that we are living in our actual life.

The analysis of the different dental pathologies is extremely valuable and sometimes irreplaceable to find the real or symbolic origin of the root conflict of suffering.

One of the fundamental tools of dental decoding is the study of the panoramic X-ray typically done by a dentist. With this you can analyze several factors that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the shape and position of the dental roots.

Using this technique, we will discover ourselves as indispensable and unique parts in the evolution and growth of our family tree, but with added the ability to heal ourselves and all our wounded ancestors that have marked the unconscious course of our destiny.

Dr. Fabian Brotos delivers training in Dental Decoding in four distinct modules:

  • Module 1 shares the basis and general concepts
  • Module 2 covers orthodontic problems and how the teeth make family relationships obvious to one who knows this information
  • Module 3 reveals the conflicts related to periodontal problems such as gum disease

These first 3 modules are each two days each whether in person or online. EXCITING NEWS! ALL Feel the Teeth Retreat prerequisites have been waived in 2023.

  • Feel the Teeth Retreat is a 4-day (4-night) nature retreat that is meant to feel our teeth and understand their emotional load they carry. All are welcome. There are lots of experiential activities while in a beautiful, relaxing setting. This is an in-person experience with the preferred request of providing your panographic x-ray. If you do not have your x-ray please contact us after registering.

These training ARE for anyone interested in expanded awareness and NOT exclusively for Dentists. Fabian has designed them to be accessible to all since dental decoding is a tool of self-knowledge and unmasking of unconscious psycho-emotional conflicts.

Topics: Dental Decoding Module 1 Online

This first module shares the general concepts of Dental Decoding, including:

  • Basics and Basis of Dental Decoding
  • Cavities and the Emotions and Conditions Required to create them
  • Ancient Symbology and mythology that unlock decoding mysteries
  • Revealing relationship dynamics and the related dental decoding
  • Understanding major conflicts and where they are located in the mouth
  • Exposing the nature of teeth groups based on the felt experience
  • Learning what each tooth means in your life revealing 32 archetypes.

THIS IS A LIVE STREAMING COURSE. Fabian has been successfully teaching using Zoom with his South American students for many months now.  The online course emulates the in-person course with break out sessions, exercises and question and answer during the course. The course has limited enrollment and a waiting list will be made available to those after the limit has been reached.

The course begins at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles) on Saturday and Sunday. We will concludes at 6:30 PM each day. There will also be 3 breaks, am, lunch and pm – just like the in-person courses.

Students can access and download their course materials online for 12 months.


Current Students

 Your Instructor: Dr. Fabián Brotos, DDS

This course is not a self-paced recording.
It is an interactive LIVE STREAM.

NEXT COURSE: JUNE 3-4, 2023 


This course is $250 (USD)