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After years of practice and study, Dr. Mary Kennedy is sharing the knowledge and tips she’s learned for living a joyful and healthy life. In this course you will rapidly learn tips and skills that might otherwise take years to find and implement. This course will help you to understand what things many people think work, but often don’t, and why.

Dr. Mary has a gift for explaining information in a way that makes it fun and easy to use. Her studies have been broad and range from gemstones, joy, mindfulness, and Reiki to advanced systems of psychology and biology. She has an uncanny knack for sensing and revealing patterns whether it is in a private or group coaching situation or when sharing information in a course.

Master Key Method Module 1 Online

Module 1 online walks you through the foundational information regarding the origins of the Master Key Method (MKM) and Biological Decoding — including a simple model to understand health and well-being from a biological perspective, explorations of how emotions keep us alive, and how they affect your health in conjunction with the workings of your nervous system. The topic this course dives into include:

MindBodyLogic Basic Keys ✦ If you aren’t ready for Neo’s Red Pill — STOP Now! ✦ The law of ambivalence, yin yang polarity, unity, non-dual ✦ 3 levels of human biology – A simple model for understanding the path to well-being ✦ Life as Metaphor. How can thoughts change biology? How not to get “Lost in Translation” ✦ Stress, Eustress, and Normotonia – the nervous system in a nutshell ✦ How emotions keep us alive – Don’t let your Flerken get your Goose ✦ Incomplete Losses and what happens when your mourning isn’t completed ✦ Doubt and Certainty and Why Affirmations don’t work every time ✦ Brain, Thought and Environment ✦ Human Nature Hacks: Erik Erikson, Maslow, Fromm, Jung and Mysticism ✦ What about the brain organ? New Understandings ✦ Let’s Dive in: Conscious, Unconscious, Non-conscious and sub-conscious ✦ 3 things that can sabotage happiness and tips on how to overcome them: (Personality, Ego/Identity, and Intellect).

Each section of this course provides the Master Keys of actionable items for bio-hacking and expanding your human potential through psychology, mysticism, and the latest in neuroscience research.

If taken with the Master Key Method Module 1 Experiential, this course counts as one of the prerequisites for Biological Decoding Modules 3-5 with Enrique Bouron.

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Mary Grevelle Kennedy, PhD MindBodyLogic

This course is $210.