Thank you for attending the Dental Decoding Module 2 online training session. I hope you found it valuable for your practice and personal use.  You can access the training materials in the student portal. Training videos are available for 60 days. Videos: Saturday and Sunday Sessions PDF: Dental Decoding Module 2 PDF

The training videos cover the topics we discussed during the live sessions, such as archetypes, and roots. You can watch them as many times as you like to reinforce your learning and practice your skills. The PDF file contains the slides and notes from the training. You can download the PDF and use it as a reference whenever you need.

NOTE:  In allowing this presentation to be available to you Virtually and Digitally it is purchased from Mind Body Logic / BRC Event Management Services LLC and is protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Reproduction and Distribution without written consent/ permission from BRC Event Management Services LLC is prohibited. 

Videos are available for viewing for 60 days.