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  • Three Levels of Human Biology
  • Life as Metaphor

Learning Progress Assessment 

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Lesson 4: Three Levels of Human Biology

A simple model for understanding the path to well-being.

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Lesson 5: Life as Metaphor

How can thoughts change biology?

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Learning Progress Assessment 2

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Section 2 Assignments

  1. In your journal write what your personal take aways from this portion of Module 1? What have you incorporated in your daily life. 
  2. Read:

  3. Read: 
  4. In your journal make note of what metaphors you live by. Are there any you would like to re-write? 
  5. Watch: 
  6. If you have attended the in-person portion of MKM 1, read the following chapters of your manual:
    • Experience and Emotion – Chapter 9
    • Five Stages of Conflict Mourning – Chapter 13