Dental Decoding Module 4

Feel the Teeth: A 5-Day In-Person Retreat

Have you ever wanted to take a break from your everyday life and take some time to explore who you are and what you are here to do? Maybe you already know  – but feel that there are blocks keeping your from your dreams?

Now might be the perfect time to join the Feel the Teeth Dental Decoding Retreat! All that is required to join is a desire to investigate self-awareness and an openness to shift unconscious programs.

Exciting news! Fabian has waived the requirement of needing a previous Dental Decoding Course to participate in his retreat due to his latest positive experiences in South America without them. All are welcome.

Fabian’s Feel the Teeth Retreat is focused on learning about your emotional well-being and assisting others with discovering theirs. You will have a chance to relax and soak in nature while also feeling more comfortable with your True self by experiencing the many stories your teeth tell. You will learn about your relational instincts (unconscious automatic reactions) and how to shift them by experiencing the teeth through touch and feeling them.

This retreat is unlike any other–you’ll have a chance to really get away from it all while tuning into your internal home that is always with you. During the retreat, we leave the routine and the usual interruptions of daily life with intention of uncovering the tangible signs of our biology gives us.

As a group staying together at the Retreat Center and holding the same focus without distractions, it amplifies the collective energy field as well as your personal intentions. This makes for a very receptive space to understand and shift personal dynamics hidden in the teeth. There’s nothing like a nurturing, inspiring environment to transform that which no longer serves you.

Fabian will demonstrate how the energies circulate in the mouth giving us the key to discovering the unconscious way we manage ourselves in society and in all the types of relationships that form our reality – including ourself to our self.

We’ll practice feeling this energy together. Participants report that the most transformative opportunity for them is the discovery of what their personal blocks are and how they are reflected in their world.

With meditation, sensitivity and expanded knowing we can decode the different challenges that are written in our teeth individually and collectively. When done thoughtfully, we can find a loving way to understand ourselves and our history. Through these processes you will learn you can be free of unconscious survival reflexes by bringing the light of consciousness and detachment to open fully to a vibrant and healthy life you love.

Retreat Details

These days are packed with deep introspection, reflection, discovery, integration and fun. The ranch has beautiful nature walks along the many acres, excellent food, and a peaceful setting.

All Prerequisites have been waived as of 2022. While it is wonderful to have taken the other modules, it is not required. Fabian does request that you provide a panographic x-ray by email prior to the event.

The registration fee of $777 includes the course and your study materials. You will book your room (which includes meals) directly with the retreat center through the link we provide after you register.

Sunrise Ranch Retreat: Rooms will range from approximately $125 and up per person per night depending on room choice. All choices include meals and snacks which are included in the above room rate. Most rooms are shared and the retreat center will handle all room and roommate assignments and will inquire about your dietary preferences.

Your Instructor: Dr. Fabián Brotos, DDS


This course is an in-person LIVE EVENT.


NEXT COURSE: April 20 – 24th, 2022
in Colorado, USA

This course is $777.00 (USD)