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Dental Decoding Module 4

April 20-24th, Denver, CO

Module 4 is the most important dental decoding module and delivers a unique guided experience. This in-person retreat gives participants an opportunity to feel their teeth and understand their emotional load. Be prepared for many revelations as this course has lots of experiential activities in a beautiful, relaxing setting.



/ person

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BioReprogramming® Basics Module 1 & 2

March 13-16, 2020, Southern California

BioReprogramming® is a new approach that can create the conditions for deep transformation to occur in your life. Your health, relationships, life direction and emotional well-being can be remarkably improved as you uncover the meanings behind your life challenges. Having worked with hundreds of people who have moved beyond and, in many cases, were able to overcome health disorders, Isabelle Benarous reveals the steps to expand your consciousness and change your life.

MODULE 1 – Sense and Solution to Illness© will explain the logic of the brain in terms of the survival mechanisms behind illnesses and unwanted behaviors. You will understand the origin of health disorders and their archaic sense. You will learn how to use powerful language to successfully have access to the emotional meaning of one’s biological systems. You will also learn to resolve emotional conflicts through the Bio-Matrix Technique©. You will explore the specific emotional conflicts related to the Digestive system and learn tools for resolution of such issues.

MODULE 2 – In Recovering Freedom© you will understand how health disorders, as well as limiting behaviors, are the result of an adaptive mechanism, which is triggered in synchronicity with our emotional traumas and stresses. Through understanding how your body really operates from a biological point of view, you will learn how to uncover deeply rooted programs. This module will uncover the origins of illness in terms of gestational subconscious programming. You will learn how to access a state of freedom in your life and how to create your path using the Re-Encoding Time Line Pattern©.

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Basics Module 1
Sense & Solution to Illness

$416 / person

Basics Module 2
Recovering Freedom

$416 / person

 NEW Registration is through Isabelle Benarous (not MindBodyLogic). Clicking this registration link will take you to Isabelle’s registration page.

This course is led by Isabelle Benarous, noted author, speaker, and trainer.