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Join us for an hour-long
LIVE Dental Decoding Q&A with Dr. Fabián Brotos!

September 26th



About This Event

Dr. Fabián Brotos, DDS, will host an hour-long LIVE Q&A on Dental Decoding, online! If you’ve ever had questions about Dental Decoding, or wanted to listen in with others and learn from an expert, this is your starting point!

Dental Decoding is a powerful tool of self-knowledge, accessed through your teeth. It brings a way to know the suffering experienced by your ancestors, which is encoded in the position and shape of your teeth and their roots.

Each type of bite and shape of the dental arch is transmitting information that your genealogical tree has developed to move you away from emotional suffering, which for your unconscious mind is the equivalent to the danger of death.

Dr. Brotos will give you a brief, high-level overview of Dental Decoding and what it can do before answering questions about its use by both trained professionals and laymen.

Dr. Brotos has never hosted a live online Q&A on Dental Decoding. With the current pandemic, though, he wanted to bring this powerful tool to a larger audience.

A practicing dentist since 2000, Dr. Brotos graduated from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay and has a specialty in implants and orthodontics. Dr. Brotos is also the Chair of Occlusion and Prosthodontics at the University of the Republic.

Dr. Brotos is a trained instructor of Dental Decoding and places a strong emphasis on the connection between teeth and psychogenealogy using different techniques. His current interests include research in psychobiology, neurosciences, and integrative therapeutics in conjunction with his field of dentistry.

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11am – 12Noon

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Dental Decoding Live Q&A
with Dr. Fabián Brotos


September 26, 2020


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11:00 am – 12:00 Noon
Pacific Time

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