Total Biology identifies humans illnesses and behaviors, as a whole, beyond the simple symptomatology. While Modules 1 & 2 focus on finding conflicts associated with behaviors and diseases and how they relate to each organ and system of the body, Modules 3-6 progress to the influences of biological evolution.

Through Total Biology, we are able to understand the importance of evolution in its biological wholeness: body, mind and automatic brain. The concept unites the knowledge of several scientific disciplines with the observation of humans, animals, and plants through life evolution on the planet. This gives us the possibility of healing by implementing the perfect biological laws, unknown until recently.

EVERYTHING answers to the need for survival. We can speculate about the importance of our analytical mind in the realm of biological adversities or about its influence in the betterment of our hope of life, but it’s our automatic brain that deals with survival much better than our thinking mind. The automatic brain doesn’t think; it only collects and analyzes the data that will generate special survival programs. Diseases all have precise origins and respond to a conflictive tone, related to a feeling that was attached to the conflict. As long as we believe that diseases are a punishment, they will be just that. When we understand that they only are biological programs that can be defused, we will get ill less often.

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Modules 3-6

Enrique Bouron

Enrique Bouron, serves as researcher, writer, lecturer and teacher in Total Biology of Living Beings and Biological Decoding.
Mr. Bouron became interested in Total Biology of the Living, as an asset to exercise his profession as a regression therapist. He attended courses in Montreal dictated by Julie Lemieux nd CV, and quickly realized the extraordinary potential of the discipline. Later he attended seminars delivered by Dr. CS, founder of the discipline, and translated all the material available to Spanish in order to present it in LA.
He also offers courses in Spanish to people that are interested and want to know more about TB, and even improve it and take it to places where this science is still unknown or underdeveloped.

  • Author of the “Blue Book of Biological Decoding”.