Module 1-3 Course Bundle | October 1-2, 4-5,and 8-9, 2022

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Sign up for modules 1-3 of Biological decoding to expand your knowledge of total health and the influence of biological evolution.

Through decoding, we can understand the importance of evolution in its biological wholeness; body, mind, and automatic brain. The concept unites the knowledge of several scientific disciplines with the observation of humans, animals, and plants through life evolution on the planet. This gives us the possibility of healing by implementing the perfect biological laws, unknown until recently.

October 1-2, 4-5,and 8-9, 2022, from 9:30 AM-6:30 PM

Course Fee: $1500

The course will be held at the Ayres Hotel Orange, Orange County, CA.

To book your accommodations with the group rate, please email Trisha directly with your stay dates to make your room reservation, and she will reach out to you.

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